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Wyoming CE:Property Management and Trust Funds in Wyoming

Property Management and Trust Funds in Wyoming

4 Total hours
4 Elective hours
0 Required hours

Welcome to Property Management and Wyoming Trust Accounts!

This course combines two topics critical to help licensees do their job while remaining in compliance with Wyoming Real Estate Commission regulations, property management and working with trust accounts.

Property management is a unique part of the real estate industry.  While you may be accustomed to dealing with a buyer or a seller for a month or so while executing a transaction, a landlord and a tenant relationship extends through the duration of a lease.  For this reason, these parties owe one another obligations that differ from those of a simple sales transaction. As a property manager, your obligations shift as well.  

In this course, we will explore the unique role of a property manager, starting with how this position differs from that of a traditional real estate professional. We’ll also discuss the basic duties of a property manager, as well as the different types of residential rental properties in the market today.

In addition, we’ll look at a number of key tenant issues, including tenant screening, rental agreements, and evictions. Finally, we’ll examine federal fair housing laws and how they affect you as a residential property manager.